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Discovering a New Facet to the Diamond that is Writing

Last night I did something that I had been intending to do for… well, years.  I attended and read at a spoken word event.  In my little town, there is a funky little performance space called The Duncan Showroom.  It is a favourite location for musicians because of the intimate atmosphere.  Nick and I had gone down on Sunday to hear Sam Weber and his band play.  Sam was a student of mine and was in the same grad class as my daughter so I was truly looking forward to hearing him play.  I wasn’t disappointed. He and his band were fabulous and fun and it was a great show.  


When we were leaving, I looked up on their bulletin board and noticed a little piece of paper. As small as the paper was, the words seemed huge and they reached out and grabbed me by the throat.

For The Love of Words

Well, this seemed like a sign – and last night I showed up, added my name to the list and plunked my bottom into a front row seat. There is something that you don’t get from the solitary action of plunking away at your computer that is available in abundance in a reading – feedback. As I read, I could hear chuckles and out and out guffaws as I read my “Open Letter to an Unnamed GPS Executive”. And later, several people came up and congratulated me on my writing.  What a great feeling that is! I will be back there again to read something else – probably some poetry – later in the summer. So… here I am, reading last night.

**warning – there are a couple of f-bombs and a bit of other adult language.



If you want to see the whole show, click here.