I always knew my body would betray me

Sneak up behind me

Sweep my legs out from under me


That cells would grow odd shapes, pale colours

That bones would wear, grow thin, deform, and finally crumble

That arteries would spasm and snake jealous fingers through the blood

         that struggled from heart to lungs to head

That pockets of dimpled fat would grasp hold of my thighs, stomach and

         yes, my ass

That my skin would wrinkle

That my arms would stretch like latex bat wings

That haemorrhoids would grin and sputter words of discomfort every time

I tried to gingerly sit

That I would dread the sudden sneeze

That my treacherous throat would snap shut when I sleep

That stones would grow

That eyes would not focus

That insomnia would rest upon my head

That my joints would crackle and laugh

That acid would slither up and burn my throat


I knew all these things would come to me

But I did not know that while I was scanning the horizon, ready to

         announce their arrival

They sat quietly on the pillow next to me

And climbed upon my lap while my thoughts met the sky

And suddenly I looked down

And I was betrayed.