My bare toe touches the dew.

Shivering, I step upon the velvet grass.

Quail hum contentedly through the hedge.

Robins and blackbirds rest on the grapevines

And tap a quiet message to you

As you sleep inside

Cradled under the down blanket

We shared last night.

Misty morning cold fills my lungs

And the spaces in my heart

Between the love I feel for you

And the gratitude I daily know

Are filled with peaceful quiet as the sun touches my face.

Gazing across the pond

The cows low in the early morning,

Milk straining their teats,

And I know there is no other place that would give me such quiet grace

Unless it is a place that I go with you.

And I turn my back to the cows,

The robins,

The quail,

And return contentedly to your bed

To press my now cold body

To your warm chest.

You shiver,

And without opening your eyes

Your arms enfold me.