There is Something Particular About Being a Woman of 50

In our 20s we told ourselves we knew it all

Beauty & make-up & heels.

Long discussions into the night

Arguing philosophy over espresso and beer.

The world was in our hands.


In our 30s we were busy with families or careers.

Long meetings with colleagues

Hashing and re-hashing problems

That, if left alone, could work themselves out.

The minutiae of life was our world.


In our 40s we squinted our eyes against the brightness of our future

And opened them to our past.

Seeing glimpses – only glimpses – of what is still to come.

We began to know that the spinning stars of the universe

Turned in our souls.


In our 50s we become the wise women we are meant to be.

We have earned our battle scars.

Every wrinkle we wear proudly.

Every line is a road on the map of our lives.

Every grey hair whispers secret knowledge.

Every ache and pain tells us stories past and future.

Every spot sings silent songs to our very cells.

We are wise women, learned in life.


There is something particular about being a woman of 50.


We partied when we turned 20.

We shared a cake at work when we turned 30.

We cried a little when we turned 40.

But at 50 we celebrate!

We surround ourselves with other wise women

And dance and sing of the powerful gift of life affirming knowledge

That runs through us.


I am grateful to be one of those wise women who dance and sing with you.