You are the warm comforter that I wrap around myself when the rain mars the smooth surface of the puddles on the sidewalk and the fireplace lights the evening corners of the room.


You are the sweet harmonies I hear when I play the albums of my youth, reminding me of the awe and wonder that I felt in all the powerful ideas that were to me brand new.


You are the soothing dark that lies upon me in the movie theatre when I watch love win against all hope yet again.


You are the pressure on my palm, the gentle smile, the kind laughter that convinces me of my worth when my heart is unsteady.


You are the arms that hold me up when my knees shake.


You are the hand at my back when I am afraid to take that one more step forward.


You are the balm that eases my pain and the soft rag that dries my tears.


You are the one that I love.


But most of all, you, my sweet, are my dearest friend.