Paris: 08.02.2010

Branleur!” she says pointing dirt blackened finger

Accusing grey Pierre Cardin

Shielded by patent leather blue-toothed ear fast walking…


Putain!” she screams spittle flying

Stiletto heels long-legged short skirt

Hiding behind ipod earbuds softly streaked hair…


Casse toi!” she shrieks head back ugly-mouthed opened wide

To blue sky divine light

Wrapped in church filled confessional shame-dropping…


Tu es mignonne!” she sings back to the little girl

Holding her grandmother’s hand

Skipping as she smiles singing “Bonjour!” at everyone she passes…


Je te deteste.” she whispers at grey greasy hair blood-matted

Swollen purple-faced coat filth-coloured teeth-broken

Sour booze-vomit smell curb-curled around the green long-necked bottle…




Branleur – Wanker

Putain – Whore

Casse toi – Piss off

Tu es mignonne – You are cute

Je te deteste – I hate you