Greenwich List

My first novel, Greenwich List , originally published by Asteroid Publishing.  Will be rereleased in the fall of 2021 by Island2Island Press with new content.

How often do people wish to change the direction of their lives?  Once?  Once a year?  Once a month?  Every single day?  Greenwich List is the story of a young woman who struggles with the desire to find a way to transform her life.           

It is one of the rare sunny days in London.  Gwen stands in Greenwich Market, completely unaware of the crowds around her, staring at her mobile phone.  She has left her brutal boyfriend, Ken, back in Cardiff in the hopes that her sudden disappearance will make him realize how much he loves her.  But the mobile remains silent and to distract herself she buys a strange romance novel oddly bearing her likeness. It is through this unexpected purchase that Gwen meets the true agents of her transformation – Umah and Brody, two friends working in the Market.  After hearing her story, they provide Gwen with a list of ten things that Gwen must do during her next few days in London.  Even though the list seems ‘loonie’, Gwen decides that she has nothing to lose and embarks on a three-day adventure that will change her life.

Customer reviews on Amazon:

So many books have stories that are dark and depressing that it’s nice to read a feel good book for a change. It’s a story about a girl who is given a series of fun and crazy tasks to help her get over a bad relationship. Ever heard of zorping? I hadn’t until I’d read this book. The main character, Gwen, is Welsh. My mother and oldest sister were from Wales and Gwen rings true to me. My only complaint was that I wanted the book to go on longer! – Scrub Maple

A fun book about a woman who goes on an adventure post-break up. The story is inspiring and motivating, especially if you’ve been down on your luck in love. It’s a quick read, but well-written with interesting characters. Recommended. – DS