The Gris-Gris Bag

The Gris-Gris Bag is the story of Annie, an orphan from Scotland, growing up in an 18th century Ursuline convent outside Rouen, France. One day, the priest, Father Jean, rides into the covent with news. King Louis XV has decided to send young, suitable women to the New World in order to become wives to the men already settled there.

This begins Annie’s journey to New Orleans. A difficult crossing, a strange encounter with a Voodoo mambo in Havana, and then a moment of horror deep in the hold of the ship so gruesome and terrifying, Annie can barely admit it to herself.

How will this end for Annie? Will she be able to confess this terrible thing to her new husband? And will the gift of the gris-gris bag from Madame Esmée keep her safe or bring more terror.

The Gris-Gris Bag will be released early in 2021 on Amazon.