The Art of the Spell

The Art of the Spell


In another dimension in the Multiverse, a faerie vies for the kingship, but will the deal he makes be the one that breaks him?

Once upon a Friday morn

A faerie rose to find a storm

Was lashing out upon the dawn

And pounding on the free.

And yet there was another force

A troll, bare-chested, on his horse

Schemed his schemes without discourse

And rubbed his hands with glee.

Trump-faerie wiped his sleepy eyes

While upon his lawn the free did cry

Some smirked, some frowned, some asked him ‘why’,

But all of them were angry.

“I should be king!” he cried aloud.

But only jeers came from the crowd.

“You low-life losers, I won’t be cowed!

You morons will not stop me!”

“This is fake news,” Trump-faerie mumbled

Above his head the storm did rumble

And scared him till he took a tumble

And fell upon his knees.

“I need some magick,” Trump-faerie messaged

To Rudy-elf about the wreckage

“These liberal Dems I need to manage

To get them away from me.’

“I have no magick spell for you

But I know someone who might just do

He is occult, that much is true

Thus, he can help most ably.”

“Who is this man, I need to know?

I need his magick fast or slow

To banish Sleepy Creepy Joe

So, I can win most bigly.”

And Rudy-elf, he messaged back

“It’s Vlad the Troll who has no lack

Of useful spells both white and black

I know he’ll have the key.

The elf, he stirred the cauldron, hot

And wiped his face of dye and snot

He called out to the troll, “Why not?

The truth could set them free.”

The fearsome troll’s face did break through

Within the smoke and bubbling brew

The magick shocked the elf right through

He stepped back in a hurry.

“Who has call me?” Vlad did growl

With a breath so putrid and foul

At Rudy-elf, Trump waved his towel

“It was him! It wasn’t me.”

“But since you’re here please let me beg

A spell from you, just don’t renege

To banish all those rotten eggs

Those Dems that are so beastly!”

With a gleam of avarice in his eye

The troll did chuckle, “Please tell me why

So, no spell I give will go awry.”

His words they were so pretty.

“It’s a witch-hunt!” the faerie shouted,

“And I’m not a witch.” Trump-faerie pouted

“I am tremendous, my rallies crowded

So, give the spell to me.”

“This one, he is most trickable,”

Vlad laughed, “He is so gullible.”

And so he shouted, “I am able,

To do this one for free.”

Then Rudy-elf, he did murmur

In a voice that grew much firmer

“The troll, I think, he is a scammer

And to say this is my duty.”

Trump-faerie scoffed and waved his hand.

“A troll with power will be on brand

I’m sure his magick will be grand,

And will bring good luck to me.”

Vlad the troll, he hid a chuckle

“This chump I can most easily baffle.”

He leaned right in and with a cackle

He said a word most mighty.

“Shout that out to those lousy Dems,

Shout it out to prove we’re friends.

But, he whispered, “Your time here ends

And the leader will be me!”

Upon a podium the faerie stood

To steal the kingship, he knew he would

Shout out the word he knew he could

And proudly called “Covfeve!”

The storm pulled Trump into the sky

The crowd they fought until Vlad died

Now daily they are heard to cry

“No leader! Now we’re free!”