Types of Editing




Copy Editing

At this level of editing, I will be checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. If I find continuity errors, I will also comment on that.  I may make some changes for the sake of clarity but I will not do any major revisions.


Line Editing

Line editing is a line-by-line review of your manuscript that focuses on the prose including paragraph structure, sentence flow, and word choice. I will identify the following weaknesses:

  • passive voice
  • wordiness
  • weak words
  • overused words
  • redundancies
  • repetitive sentences
  • repetitive paragraph structures  


Structural or Substantive Editing

Structural/substantive editing focuses on content – the big picture.  I will not be correcting grammar and spelling.  I will be looking for:

  • unrealistic dialogue
  • point of view errors
  • telling rather than showing
  • 2-dimensional characters
  • inconsistent character behaviour
  • ambiguities
  • inconsistent tone
  • faulty logic
  • errors in fact
  • missing opening
  • excluded middles
  • info dumping
  • lack of conflict
  • possible legal ramifications

I will provide you with a written evaluation of your manuscript.


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