A Good Run

Submission to NYC Midnight Round 1

Group 41: “found” / ghost story / performing magic tricks

            “…and now, Emma is cooking Thanksgiving dinner for her family!” I smiled at my husband over the booties I was knitting for yet another great-grandchild.

            “We’ve had a good run.” Tom patted my knee. “Remember when Thomas was born?”

            “Of course,” I laughed. “That boy barely stopped screaming… except when you performed those silly magic tricks.”

            Tom winked and pulled a quarter from behind my ear.

            “Did I show you this picture I found? Emma drew this years ago.” I held out a paper with vaguely human shapes scrawled across it. I chuckled. “No one ever accused this family of having artistic talent. Oh, that’s right, you lost your glasses.” I leaned against Tom. “I’ll have to find them.”

            Tom kissed the top of my head. “What would I do without you?”

            “Oh look, it’s the neighbours. Come and join us?” I waved.

            “Morning Tammy, this is my daughter, Brenda just in from the city,” Michael called from the sidewalk.

            “Oh, it’s so nice to meet you dear. I’ll go get tea.” As I left, I heard Brenda ask, “Who’s she talking to?”

            Inside, the AC was still on. Tom preferred it cold.

            I glanced over. “I didn’t realize you’d come in. Oh Tom, you’re spilling that icky stuff again.” I carried his tea over to him and the carpet squelched under my feet. “You still make my heart flutter.”

            He gave me the same vaguely human toothless, eyeless grin he had been giving me from his chair since summer.